Fabrizio marocchino

Game Developer

Close To The Sun

Close to the Sun is a story driven horror game that takes place at the turn of the 20th century on a mysterious ship complex created by Nikola Tesla for the sake of knowledge. In this alternative version of history, his scientific breakthroughs have already had a major impact on the world.

You are Rose, a young journalist looking for your sister and, as you approach this enormous and glorious complex for the first time, you quickly realize that something there has definitely gone wrong...

Developed by Storm in a Teacup.

Release date: May 2019 on PC (Epic Games)

My duties on this project were: Gameplay Programming (events, game logic algorithms, input (Pad&Keyboard), GUI), Level Design/Building, Profiling (PC), Assets management, Blueprint System, Technical Design Support (Level structure, gameplay cycles, assets properties).

Worked with Unreal Engine 4.


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