Fabrizio marocchino

Game Developer

About Me

I'm an italian (I live in Rome!) technical designer with an indie game developer expierence. I studied for 2 years in the AIV (Accademia Italiana Videogiochi) and then I started looking for a job. Six months later I worked as lead programmer for Interactive Spa creating the bases for the startup project Waamy, a Social 3D MMO. After this "team experience" I started a custom project for Infoparty which involved a PC-Android Network developing process, here I created Mr.Tabbly Quiz.  After few months I worked with Artematica as indipendent programmer and external consultant. In this period I also had time to focus on a private project finished a couple of months later, Porogi.  On february 1th 2014 I officially started working with Storm In A Teacup, an italian startup made up skilled people. Here I had the chance to create NEROENKI, Lantern and the new announced title Close To The Sun.

I always like experimenting and having new challenges. 

If you want more informations about myself just contact me.

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